Amazon has become the largest online retail capital in the world, surpassing Walmart in 2015. The website began as an online bookstore. The site then expanded to sell just about anything-from consumer electronics and software, to food, and apparel. One can literally purchase everything through Amazon’s search engine.

Its subsidiary companies, such as, Audible, Inc., Zappos and the recently acquired, Whole Foods Market add to the company’s prominence and dominance in the retail selling effort.

Because one’s tangiable necessities can be purchased on retail juggernaut, you have to ponder what exactly can’t Amazon sell us? Twitter had some interesting responses. Check them out below.

Trolling Donald Trump and his contemptible adminstration on his beloved twitter is an art form, that many partake in. As a result, the topic begin to trend. If one does decide to search those things to assure that they are not sold on Amazon, one is more than welcome to. Chance are zero to none in finding them. If humor is what one is looking for, this trend is the right place.