Congratulations are in order as Joe Budden and Cyn Santana welcome their first baby boy together. Over the past nine months, Cyn was rather transparent throughout the entirety of her pregnancy. She used Twitter to inform us of the pains and uncomfortableness her pregnancy brought, as well as her cravings, and above all else she defended her child’s father against internet trolls like no other.

On Thursday Cyn took to Twitter at 6:23 EST too announce she was in fact, in labor.

Budden used Instagram to take a trip down memory lane as he posted a picture of his father holding him as a baby, as well as a picture of himself holding his first born in 2001. Lastly, he posted a picture of himself holding his newborn today. In addition to announcing the news of their newborn baby, Budden may have just announced to the world that him and Cyn officially tied the knot.

While a fan interrogated him assuming that he was not in the room to support Cyn while she was in labor, he clapped back at the fan with a very interesting tweet.

If the two are, in fact, now married we congratulate them yet again!