In October 2016, Kevin Gates was found guilty of misdemeanor battery for kicking a concert goer in the chest during a 2015 Florida performance. Despite vindicating his honor with self defense claims explaining the fan continued to tug at his shorts and private area even after he repeatedly told her to stop, Gates was still sentenced to 180 days in jail.

After serving his six months in Polk County Jail, the “2 Phones” rapper was supposed to be a free man until a gun charge from 2013 resulted in a re-arrest and extradited him to Chicago to serve 30 months in Cook County Jail.

Originally, he was set to be eligible for parole in June of 2018, but recent updates to the Illinois Department of Corrections Internet Inmate Status website shows that Gates is now eligible for parole January 10, 2018. In addition, his projected discharge date is now set for January 10, 2019 which is a good 10 months shorter than his original projected discharge date.

There is no guarantee that Gates’ parole will be granted, yet we’re all crossing our fingers that he’ll soon be a free man providing us with endless truths and laughs on Instagram, and even more transparency in the music that’s to come.