Looks like Papoose and Remy Ma will be ending 2017 with a bun in the oven.

Today on Instagram Pap posted a couple of photos all related to pregnancy. The first photo showed a sign that read, “Ultra Sound Waiting Room” followed by another post with photos of the couple in a pottery class with the caption “Hand made these bowls, for our unborn child.”

Back in January the world learned about the devastating news the couple had to endure. After finding out that they were expecting, Remy learned that she was having an ectopic pregnancy and that the fetus would have to be removed, and moving forward she will not be able to have a natural pregnancy.

Sticking with each other side-by-side, the couple decided to be positive and inquire about the in-vitro process. On this season of Love and Hip Hop, we get a look inside of their journey as they find the right doctors while juggling work, and family. Although there has been no confirmation of the pregnancy yet, we’re hoping for a positive turn out. Congratulations!

?? #blacklove How we started our day!

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Hand made these bowls, for our unborn child. #pottery #blacklove

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