Nielsen released the ratings for Netflix’s original, high-budget flick starring Will Smith, Brightand the numbers are outstanding.

The sci-fi action film drew 11 million viewers in the course of three days. Bright appealed more to a younger audience, drawing 3.9 million viewers ages 18-34 and 7 million in 18-49. This number only accounts for television viewership, not any other devices.

In addition, the ratings giant noted that the data for this project is different from the data of Stranger Things and The Crown because it’s a full-length movie.

The David Ayer-directed film is like a combination of Training Day and Lord of the Rings. Co-starring Joel Edgerton, the fantastical, cop thriller would certainly put the realities of American society in a different perspective.

Chance The Rapper wasn’t that impressed by the film, but you should still check it out for yourself.