Words by Roman White

Ice JJ Fish is throwing shots at Lil Yachty on Twitter saying that Yachty is biting his style. The YouTube famous R&B artist is tired of being swept under the rug while the “Peek-A-Boo” rapper thrives with a style that Ice JJ fish feels like he created.

“N***a Lil Yachty make music with high pitch voice and yall don’t clown him,” said Ice JJ Fish. “But when I do it I get all the yap in the world. U can’t just do that dude. The man took my whole sound.”

The “Teenage Emotions” rapper seems to be getting a kick out of these claims because he responded to Ice JJ’s post with a retweet and added six laughing cat emojis. Clearly, Ice JJ Fish’s claims were not enough to warrant a genuine response from the Quality Control artist.

Ice JJ Fish took over the internet in the early 2010’s with his off-key, tone deaf R&B music. The YouTube sensation makes to what many view as parody R&B music although Ice JJ Fish seems to be serious about his music. Ice JJ Fish did gain quite a following with his music earning millions of views on his music videos. The hype seems to have died down a little, but Ice JJ Fish is still working on his music. The 2014 song “On the Floor” is the singer/dancer’s highest viewed track with 63 million views on YouTube.

Sending shots at other artists is nothing new to the “My Bae” performer. In October, Ice JJ live streamed to his more than half a million YouTube subscribers to say that he was going to take Drake’s style and make it better. He claimed in the video that he has the same tone as Drake but has a better voice.