Words by Roman White

XXXtentacion is responding to Ski Mask the Slump God’s request for two features on his upcoming mixtape. A couple days ago,  rapper and former friend of XXXtentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God, posted on his Instagram story requesting two features from the “Look at Me” rapper. Despite their history, Xxxtentacion has turned down Slump’s request for features and truly doesn’t care to ever rekindle any friendship with his former collaborator.

“My response to the request for the song by ski is no,” said the “Jocelyn Flores” writer. “I am going to destroy all of these rappers, none of them are friends to me, they don’t give a f**k about me they just want my energy. Keeping my foot on they throat, f**k ‘all’ of them.”

The two “Soundcloud” rappers were once very tight friends, but Ski Mask admitted that he had to distance himself from X after a while. Ski Mask claimed that X at one point threatened his family, and told him that he would have to be sacrificed. Prior to this revelation, XXXtentacion said that he would not make anymore music until the “WTF?!” rapper became his friend again.

Fans of the two were quite confused and it led to some jokes at X’s expense. But clearly, Slump distancing himself from a once close friend upset Xxxtentacion who has been very open about dealing with depression due in part to losing people close to him.

The two artists used to work on music together quite often and even have a mutual producer in Ronny J. Now, it seems despite Ski Mask’s request for friendship and collaboration, X has moved on from that situation and is doing his own thing. X went on to say in another instagram story post that its, “even with all the weight I have on m shoulders, these lames couldn’t keep up if they tried. I am going to mentally/musically destroy enemies.”