Words by Nick Slay

Maury Povich is TV’s reigning shock host of Daytime TV.

For many, his show The Maury Show is the go to program, certain to assist if you questions about the faithfulness of your partner or the validity of your relationship. Everyone knows his trademark, “You are not the father”, a phrased announced after a couple takes a televised DNA tests and it does not work out so well. Matching that with his ability to put people in the hot seat using a lie detector test, he has brought in the kind of ratings that most TV shows can only dream of.

Today on Twitter, ‘Uncle Maury’ as he is affectionately or notoriously known put out a special (albeit hilarious) tweet directed at our favorite rags to riches story Cardi B via the @TheMauryShow account.

If you’re asking yourself why the “Finesse” singer (who is riding high off of the 90’s wave with Bruno Mars) needs these services, you must have been distracted or under a rock.  The Source’s“Woman of the Year” is in the midst of sex tape and cheating allegations with her fiancé Offset and a second unsubstantiated clip has been released via Twitter supposedly catching The Migos’ front man in the act. But is it him?

Many people clown the videos for being super blurry, stating it could be anybody with dreads. Black Twitter also took the opportunity to clown the videos, and support Cardi B throughout all the drama. If you’re old enough to remember the R. Kelly tape scandal, this may give similar vibes. The couple vehemently denies that the tape is real.

So while many fans grab a bag of popcorn to enjoy the show, it did come out of left field for the Maury account to respond.

Now there is no proof that Maury actually typed this; it could just a funny quip from the admin of the account. Whatever the case it is a diversion from the Trump ruled news cycle.  Here are some of Black Twitter’ s funniest responses to the alleged cheating scandal: