After signing with the OVO label this past year, Baka Not Nice is back with some new visuals for his “Money in the Bank” record. You catch the Toronto rapper confidently embracing some of the lavish things in life, including expensive cigars, fancy vehicles, beautiful models, and of course, tons of hard earned money.

The video is directed by Edison Sigua, and starts off with a famous motivational quote about appreciating the journey of life, including all of the ups and downs.

“The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come,” the opening quote reads.

Baka has been getting looks in the industry even after the Drake reference track for “Live Up To My Name” surfaced. Even though it was already public knowledge that The 6 God received writers credits on the track way before the reference leak. But none of this takes away from the significant streaming numbers on the record since it dropped back in June.

Watch Baka Not Nice’s music video for “Money in the Bank” below to see what he’s been cooking up lately.