ESPN might have just played themselves… again.

On a recent episode of Viceland’s Desus & MeroKatie Nolan (a commentator for the sports network) referred to President Donald Trump as “a fucking stupid person.” This comment was later deemed inappropriate by ESPN.

ESPN says in a statement Saturday that it “looked into the totality of Nolan’s comments.” The network adds that “they were inappropriate and we have addressed it with her.”

Nolan joined ESPN in October, moving from Fox Sports. Nolan co-hosted the NFL Wildcard Live show for ESPN on Twitter ahead of the Tennessee-Kansas City game on ESPN.

ESPN’s refusal to suspend Nolan also appears to stand at odds with their decision to suspend Jemele Hill, for giving out corporate boycotting advice to Cowboys fans upset with Jerry Jones.

If Jemele Hill can get suspended for dishing out boycott advice to fans angry over Jones’ comments on anthem protesters, then how can Nolan not get suspended for calling the president a “f*ck*ing stupid person?”