With winter comes freezing temperatures, but hip-hop artist Kelz is bringing the heat with her latest track, “Bleezy”. It seems that anything this artist touches becomes a viral hit. Take her remix to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”, for example. After taking a brief hiatus from the studio, Kelz took the song and put her own signature flair on it. Within days, the remix took social media by storm, raking in over 2 million hits on Facebook alone. The existing fan base she had expanded faster than the speed of light, and continues to grow each day.

Kelz’s story is very unique and inspiring, and partially what makes her who she is through her artistry. Growing up in the rowdy streets of Cleveland, the artist ended up having to do a few years in prison. Though it may have seemed like the end, Kelz actually found the light at the end of the tunnel: music. “I was always writing poems, and making beats on the walls. The girls around me pushed me to pursue my dreams, and once I got out, I went full throttle ahead,” said Kelz. Talk about turning a negative into a complete positive. Since truly committing to pursuing a music career, the artist has been on a steady grind.

Everything has seemed to fall in place for Kelz, including grabbing the attention of industry mogul T.J. Chapman. After listening to her single “Dear Darla”, he put it best. “Kelz, Kelz… I like that a lot. And the thing that I like even more is the fact that obviously you have a following,” said Chapman. It’s no secret that the Tri-state area is going wild over the artist. Over the past few months, the artist’s management team, WattsyMusicEnt, has received an influx of performance requests. In fact, she’s headed to SXSW in March to perform, and will also be headlining a two-day show in Bowling Green. 2018 may very well be the year of Kelz.

So, what makes this artist who she really is? “My vibe is so different,” said Kelz. “That’s the only thing I can say. I hit so many different topics in my music. It’s real. The fact that I can hit every genre, you know, I can go from RnB to rap.” What’s dope about Kelz is how deeply she loves and appreciates her ever-growing fan base. Every song the artist releases, she puts so much love and effort into. One thing stays the same: Kelz will forever put on for Ohio.

Make sure to listen to Kelz’ music below, and stay tuned for her upcoming shows and projects!