Words by Roman White

It looks Ski Mask The Slump God is going to take a shot at addressing the recent H&M controversy that sparked a social media protest and proposed boycott of the clothing giant. The South Florida rapper posted on Twitter, “I’m making a song called Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” The title for Ski Mask’s proposed track comes from the text on a hooded sweatshirt a young African-American boy was wearing in the controversial H&M ad.

The “Catch Me Outside” rapper has been working on a new mixtape. The day after the New Year began, Ski Mask released the song “Poltergeist” as a year starter and a tease for the upcoming project. He has teased a possible collaboration with Chris Brown for the project. He also asked for two features from fellow Floridian and former close friend XXXTentacion, who rejected to work with Ski Mask after their very public falling out.

Many public figures in Hip-hop like T.I., P. Diddy, and Joe Budden came out in support of the boy featured in the ad. While others made their voices heard online, The Weeknd and G-Eazy pulled out of their deals with the clothing company citing the controversy as something they could not support.

H&M did apologize for the ad, but the mother of the boy in the ad felt differently.  In now deleted Facebook posts, the Swedish mother, Terry Mango, prompted people to “Stop crying” and “Get over it.”

The angle that Ski Mask The Slump God will take should be interesting to see. Will the rapper try and push for depth and consciousness behind the track or is he taking advantage of a moment for the extra attention to his work? Regardless, it seems as though the track is just an idea at this point and Ski does not have any bars as of now to support this track.