The 90’s cult favorite NBA Jams video game could be making a comeback.

This Saturday, the LA Clippers are holding a full NBA Jam night in honor of the game’s anniversary.  With retro everything being the wave, gamers and ball players alike believe the time is right for a new NBA Jam to surface.

Well, that might actually happen.

According to ESPN, Microsoft will be resurrecting the franchise for the 25th anniversary. Fans will be delighted as the game’s original announcer Tim Kitzrow aka “Mr. Boomshakalaka!” has teased that he’s working with the company on a new project.

While titles like NBA 2K18 are the current gold standard of basketball games on modern consoles, seeing NBA Jam come back would be a major event. Fans and gamers could definitely get behind the experience, especially if they do legendary teams and current rosters going head-to-head. Just sit back and imagine you and your pals doing a local co-op or playing online.

Players use catchphrases like “Boomshakala” and “Put Up A Brick” from this game are still used to this day when they want to diss each other both in other NBA games and on the real life court.