We all knew a punishment would be coming for the Houston Rockets.

The NBA has suspended Houston Rockets forwards Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green for two games for their role in Monday night’s locker room fiasco after a 113-102 loss to the L.A. Clippers, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The incident occurred following the Clippers’ 113-102 win over the Rockets on Jan. 15 at Staples Center.  During the league’s investigation, which included more than 20 interviews with executives, staff, coaches and players from both teams, as well as arena personnel, it was determined that Ariza and Green entered the Clippers’ locker room immediately after the game and engaged in a hostile, verbal altercation with several Clippers players.  The league’s investigation further concluded that Rockets players, James Harden and Chris Paul, followed Ariza and Green into the corridor outside the locker room in an effort to defuse the situation, and accordingly, discipline is not warranted.

“They entered the Clipper locker room in order to confront some or one of the Clippers, confront their opponent,” NBA vice president of basketball operations Kiki VanDeWeghe said. “With circumstances like this — it was chippy. These were two teams who really went at it. To go into another team’s locker room immediately after a game, totally inappropriate and very provocative for the players to do that, and so that’s a dangerous situation. It really is.”