Carnival season is approaching quickly and one of the popular locations, Trinidad and Tobago has implemented a new rule for all fete- goers.

All patrons must get permission before “thiefing a wine” says Michael Jackman, public information officer of the Police Service ASP.

According to The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper, the police are warning people who plan to gyrate on others that they can be arrested for assault if the person they want to “thief a wine” on decides to involve the police. When asked about unsolicited gyrating, Michael Jackman stated that it is an assault to touch someone without their consent.

“Any physical touching where there is no consent with one of the parties involved is in fact unlawful and can be deemed an assault.”

These actions came after Carnival 2017 ended with one murder in Port of Spain as well as shooting and stabbing incidents in Arima and Tunapuna at J’ouvert.

This announcement was made yesterday by Jackman during the weekly police briefing, at Police Headquarters, Port of Spain. He advised fete- goers that even police officers are briefed by their superiors before they are assigned to fetes, and are told that they cannot respond if they are being gyrated on while on duty, and especially in uniform. Our officers are instructed to show a great deal of restraint. Police division heads plan to ensure a full turnout of officers for Carnival 2018.

So all of you carnival attendees be careful and make you sure to ask before the dance!