Seven members of a cable television network were arrested Thursday after they tried to sneak through a security checkpoint at the Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey, with a fake explosive device, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials said.

A law enforcement official, under the condition of anonymity, said the team was filming for CNBC news channel.

Authorities refused to give out the names of those who were arrested. However, they said the TSA was investigating the incident.

The TSA also said the crew members “attempted to intentionally carry through the security checkpoint an item in a carry-on bag that had all of the makings of an improvised explosive device. At the same time, others in the group covertly filmed the encounter.”

A source, who chose not be named, said the fake explosive device was a PVC pipe, which had wires sticking out from it.

After the crew tried to sneak into the airport with the fake explosive device, the security officials called for a bomb disposal squad who then checked the device and said it posed no threat, following which the crew members were taken into custody.

Under the condition of anonymity, a third source revealed the arrested people belonged to Endemol Shine North America — a world-class content platform. It is part of the Endemol Shine Group, a global content creator, producer, and distributor that contracts with CNBC.

In a statement, Julie Holland, a spokeswoman for Endemol Shine North America, said the company was looking into the matter on a priority basis. She also apologized for the incident, however, refused to give out any details.

“We are looking into the details of what happened as a matter of priority and are in contact with relevant authorities on the ground. While this process is ongoing we are unable to comment further but in the meantime, we sincerely apologize for any disruption caused,” Holland said.