Al Pacino hasn’t met a role he couldn’t nail. In the latest HBO movie, Paterno might be one of his toughest roles yet.

Paterno, a biopic of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno, will debut on HBO this spring with Academy Award-winning actor Al Pacino portraying the title character.

The trailer itself takes the form of a dreamy montage, with images of media scrums, crying men and fans chanting Paterno’s name, intercut with a morose-looking Pacino staring off into the distance, searching for the answer to a question he is asked by his son: if he knew about what Jerry Sandusky was doing to boys in the team’s locker room.

The biopic ranges across Paterno’s incredible career compiling one of the most winning records in the history of college football to its depressing end: Paterno’s firing in 2011 following the revelation that he’d known of at least one of Sandusky’s crimes and done nothing about it.

Paterno is directed by Barry Levinson. HBO hasn’t set an exact premiere date, but it will air sometime this spring.