Words by Darralyn Buford

On Friday, Drake dropped his unexpected EP Scary Hours, featuring two new singles “Diplomatic Immunity” and “God’s Plan.” Unfortunately, Houston producer Rabit accuses Drake of stealing his 2015 Communion Tour poster.

Rabit went on Instagram to call the OVO rapper out posting two images of his tour poster along with Drake’s cover art for a comparison.

“Today I wake up to see OVO has redone one of my tour posters designed by @collindfletcher for Drake’s new single. Poor Collin is always having his style stolen😬lol BUT I love being part of a team that’s so creative and iconic,” he wrote under the caption.

Fletcher who worked closely with Rabit later gave a statement to Pitchfork about how he felt toward the situation.

“This is a story that too many artists, musicians, and designers identify with,” Fletcher said in a statement. “Hopefully this results in a larger conversation about popular culture’s relationship to underground artists.”