Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE became the signature crossover hit needed to parlay Lamar into the best rap artist on the planet. HUMBLE was released in the spring of 2017, and the minimalist production/Lamar’s songwriting caught the ears of the masses. This lethal combination of beats/lyrics gave Lamar his first number one record of his career.

While any lead single of Lamar’s magnitude would have the producers to take their time to craft it, according to the songs co-producer PLUSS, this wasn’t the case. PLUSS co produced the beat with superstar producer Mike-Will Made It and claimed that HUMBLE was made in rather quickly. In fact, PLUSS was surprised K. Dot selected the track.

I had no clue Kendrick even got on that beat. Me and Mike made that beat one night in Atlanta and after we cooked up that beat, I didn’t hear anything about that beat for months. That beat was actually one of those 20-minute beats, real quick, 30 minutes tops. One day I was at the studio and I got a call from a friend who works at LiveMixtapes and he was like, “Yo, if you had anything to do with this new Kendrick record, I’m naming my first born child after you.”

Kendrick Lamar looks to close out his banner year with hopefully winning the Grammy’s he was nominated for this Sunday. He’s nominated in seven categories, with the highlights being Album of the Year, Rap Album of the Year and Record of the Year. To check out the rest of the interview featuring PLUSS, click here.