It is pretty obvious the skill set of Donald Glover‘s acting is worthy enough for him to ditch the music world and pursue acting at this stage of his life.

In a recent interview with GQ, 84-year-old Legendary music composer Quincy Jones revealed that for his 85th year along the journey of life, he will release a Netflix documentary, have a televised star-studded celebration hosted by Oprah, and is creating a ten-part television biopic and hopes to cast Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino for the starring role.

Glover has yet to respond to the legendary composer’s wishes, but the opportunity is utterly fitting as he enters the sole realm of acting. After his victory at the 60th Grammy Awards on Sunday (Jan. 28) for best traditional R&B performance for his hit single “Redbone” plus an electrifying performance of “Terrified” with Lion King co-star J.D. McCrary, Glover confirmed his plan to eventually bury the Childish Gambino moniker which will be officiated through his fourth and last studio album to media.

Just last week Gambino announced his partnership with RCA records which will become an instrumental aid for the coming of his said last musical project.