The Cleveland Cavaliers are nearing rock bottom.

The Cavaliers’ 120-98 loss at home to the Rockets was embarrassing beyond belief, as Cleveland’s post-Kevin Love injury unit proved that it’s a bad basketball team.

The fans at the Q booed Isaiah Thomas after a string of missed shots. They booed the entire roster, as the team went into the locker room down 65-39 at the half. Trevor Ariza, the Rockets’ starting small forward, and Eric Gordon, their sixth man, didn’t even play due to injuries. And it was still this bad.

The worst part, though, was that Cleveland looked like a team that had tapped out.

Despite having a stacked roster that, on paper, is arguably among the best in the NBA, the lack of motivation, hunger, and energy among its players is very much evident each time opponents outrun and out-hustle them — and these have come often.

The trade deadline is fast-approaching, and Cleveland’s front offices are once again having sleepless nights, trying to figure out a solution to the enigma that has been the Cavaliers.

At this point, making it back to the NBA Finals looks like a long shot, not to mention LeBron James could be out of Cleveland after this season.

Somewhere in Boston, Kyrie Irving is enjoying the fall of the Cavaliers.