Young kids always remember moments over gifts. Just ask the students at Ron Clack Academy.

Students at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta were thrilled to learn they’re going to see Black Panther, and the video of their celebration is now going viral. Black Panther is one of the most anticipated superhero films of the year. It’s the first mainstream superhero film to be set in Africa, and the quality of world-building conducted by Marvel looks seeks to represent cultures that ordinarily are overlooked.


Before seeing the movie, the students will learn about African culture with a series of different lessons. The students will also take DNA tests to learn more about their heritage. The effort is being spearheaded two teachers at the school.

According to ABCNews, two teachers came up with the remarkable idea of marrying up Black Panther with the school curriculum. That meant director of curriculum and instruction Wade King had the honor of telling the students the school booked tickets for them to see the MCU film.

What the folks over at Ron Clark Academy are doing will go over well with the students. Their minds will expand and grow from the movie and they will embrace learning more about Africa in the long run.