West coast rapper The Game is mourning the loss of his father, George Taylor who died suddenly three weeks ago. The Compton artist took to Instagram Saturday morning (Feb. 3) to express the profound grievance he bore following the absence of his father, who was laid to rest a day prior.

I woke up this morning without a father 😔

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Let’s take one last ride daddy.

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“I woke up this morning without a father,” writes The Game.

The 38-year-old rapper is amid a sunken place over the loss of his father, facing a disfavored heartbreak as he continued to vent on Instagram in another post: “I promise you losing a parent will break your heart. He’s literally been every thought every second of my days & it’s hard to fathom never being able to see him again in the physical form.”

As the night nears its end & I come as close to preparation for your home-going tomorrow morning as a broken soul can be…… memories & these pictures I can share with all that will view them serve as a bridge in the gap between my heart & total darkness. & although you are not in this pic, you are the only person that could make my mother smile this way back then so I’m positive it’s you on the other side of the camera…. Dad, I miss you & I am still searching for the strength to pull through for you & my family tomorrow as we part ways in the physical form for all eternity…. & the fact that there is nowhere on earth I can go to find you ever again is ripping me to pieces on the inside. I love you & did not want to say goodbye this soon – your son 😔

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In days leading to the burial, Game flooded his timeline with time-worn photographs of him and his late father, where it is apparent the “Hate It or Love It” emcee was not ready to say goodbye.

The father of three, fortunately, received bits of comfort from his daughter, California, who consoled her dad by saying, “Daddy it’s gonna be okay.”

Sometimes “Daddy it’s gonna be okay” is all you need to hear. #RestInPeaceDad

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The status of Game’s relationship with his father is currently concealed. Their relationship was erratically feeble for many years. Taylor was featured on Streets of Compton, Game’s A&E documentary series, where he spoke about how his drug addict compelled the disbanding of their family structure.

On Wednesday, January 17, Taylor was found unresponsive at his Apple Valley, California home by a neighbor, who immediately called 911. It was later revealed Taylor passed away in his sleep.