Philadelphia “Top Goon” Ar-Ab  had a lot interest in last night’s super bowl not only because his hometown team was competing, but because he placed a six figure bet against Cash Money CEO Birdman. Ab bet $200,000 on the Nick Foles led Philadelphia Eagles with Birdman obviously siding with the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots.

The Eagles were the underdog coming into the game, but the Eagles proved that to be irrelevant with a 41-33 win over the Pats.

Ar-Ab took to Instagram to respond to reports that the rapper won “at least” $100,000 in the bet.

“Actually it was $200,000… I️ ain’t do nuffin but buy more houses and pay for my homies Lawyers and Appeal Lawyers,” Ab said on Instagram.

The $200,000 bet probably doesn’t hurt Birdman’s pockets too much despite going through his legal situation with Lil Wayne,  while at the same time the win benefits the independent rapper Ar-Ab.

Ar-Ab and Birdman developed their relationship during a period of time where the Philly Goon was going to sign a six figure deal with Universal Music Group via Cash Money Records. After months of litigation with the advance and seeing the kind of business that Birdman was conducting with his other artists, Ab opted not to sign the deal and remain independent. There was no love lost between the two as Ar-Ab has said that he still appreciates what Birdman has done for him and has taken career advice from the influential music mogul as he continues his independent ventures.

Birdman has taken a few L’s lately after being forced to vacate his Miami estate after getting hit with a $12 million foreclosure lawsuit in December. Last month, it was reported that Birdman was in fact forced by a judge to officially leave the residence.