Be honest with yourself ladies. Has your pre-kindergarten teacher ever told you that you were beautiful? Moreover, did your pre-k teacher even look like you? If so, that is superb! We need more young black girls to have this experience. Thanks to the charming and caring gesture elementary school teacher Leigh Bishop, one young black girl learned how to embrace her beauty in the most organic way.

Leigh Bishop, who teaches pre-k at Lakeview Elementary school shared a photo on Facebook last week with herself and one of her students rocking the same hairstyle with a heartwarming caption that ended up going viral.

In the caption, Bishop expressed how one of her students, August, came to school last Monday (Jan. 29) with a new hairstyle and she loved the hairstyle so much that she challenged to rock the same style the very next day. “Oh my goodness! I love your hair, August! Don’t be mad at me when I come to school with my hair JUST like that tomorrow….”

Little August did not believe her teacher and replied with “Okay, Ms. Bishop,” walking away why rolling her eyes.

Lo and behold! When August came to school the next day, Mrs. Bishop was rocking her style! The jaws of both August and her dad dropped in awe. “You thought I was playing? Girl we are CA-UTE together!!”

The admiring elementary school teacher’s comment section was filled with compliments about her awesome teaching skills and made her realize the visual of her gesture “seriously speaks volumes!”

Anyone who is friends with Mrs. Bishop on Facebook knows they couldn’t bypass that post. The look on little August’s face is priceless alongside Bishop’s pictured sincerity and moralizes the relevance of teachers making their students feel important and assuring them of their beauty, the right way.

Gestures like that of Mrs. Bishop is the type that not only black teachers need to perform, but all adults in role model positions, even those in positions of authority. Our community will not get right unless we put our focus into the youth. The youth has the power to conduct great change simply because, they are the future.

Great job, Mrs. Bishop! The WORLD needs more black women like you. August will remember this moment for the rest of her journey.