Words by Shurida Lundi

Would you look at your man crush Monday differently if he lived at home with his parents? On The Ellen Degeneres Show, Michael B. Jordan revealed that he still lived at home with his parents.

The 30-year-old actor said that he has a roommate situation with his parents at the current moment.

You get home-cooked meals, but then you also have those random run-ins that might just be a little uncomfortable from time to time. Sometimes shirtless. Maybe naked!

The Black Panther star who plays villain Erik Killmonger, plans to move out soon, due to these interesting run-ins although he knows it will devastate his mother. He revealed that he likes to do the ironing in the house, because it’s ‘therapeutic’ and his mom will miss that.

Although filming for Black Panther is over he may not be moving just yet as he will start filming for Creed 2, coming out April 2018. Guess Michael isn’t have any sleepovers right now. What do you think about the actor living at home?