Nipsey Hussle recently stopped by Big Boy’s In The Neighborhood radio show to drop insight about his most recent philanthropic effort, Too Big To Fail.

The dynamism behind Too Big To Fail is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program that will serve as a center for the youth in the Los Angeles city of Crenshaw where they will gain access to the resources they need to revitalize their creative juices. The handle is inspired by the concept of big banked societies, by in this case the bank is the inner city youth.

On their website, the organization describes their mission:

“Too Big To Fail” was coined to reflect the idea that certain institutions in our society are so large and interconnected that their failure would be catastrophic for the entire economy, and therefore must be supported by the broader public when facing potential failure. Our inner-cities are “Too Big To Fail”, but despite their size and potential, have yet to receive the necessary support.

The 32-year-old rapper teamed up with entrepreneur and Real Estate developer Dave Gross to curate the conducive project.

Hussle expressed to Big Boy his goal with the program is to “bridge between Silicon Valley and the inner-city,” and he doesn’t plan on stopping there. Hussle and Gross desire to expand Too Big To Fail across the U.S. into areas such as Washington DC, Atlanta, and Baltimore.

Nipsey Hussle is one of those hip-hop artists who prove to be more than just a rapper. He tends to have a clever mentality when it comes to developing effective ways to define his community. For more information about Too Big To Fail, visit their website here.