Sometimes people discover their true destinies through a life-altering event. For New York rapper and songwriter Kabir, this is all too familiar. The artist hails from Queens, and grew up with a dream of becoming a big-time basketball player. However, his hoop dreams came to an end before college, though he did not let that get him down. Instead, he pushed forward, and channeled his energy into what would soon become a dream turned reality: music.

Like most artists, in the beginning of his career, he spent a large amount of time trying to determine what his overall artistic aesthetic would be. “In the beginning, I didn’t have my sound just yet. It kind of sounded like Future, you know, with that Atlanta trap vibe. In order to find my sound, I tried a little bit of everything, and eventually found what worked for me,” said Kabir. When it comes to Kabir’s music, he creatively fuses hard-hitting trap with the alternative rock wave. It sounds like an interesting mix of musical flair, but trust us, it flows so fluidly.

Fans can see this sort of unique essence shine through in his upcoming EP, which will be officially released on digital streaming platforms in the next two weeks. The EP, “Please Don’t Slit Your Wrist”, generates a somewhat dark theme that his true fans genuinely crave. “I didn’t take the club route with this project. My core fans want this type of sound from me, so it’s never forced. My music is very relatable, so when I rap, I make sure people can connect on different levels,” said the rapper. With his single, “Reptile”, he puts things into perspective while still capturing the ears of listeners all over with his raw talent. For anyone that’s traveled down the unpredictable path that relationships can bring, “Reptile” will be their new go-to song.

Kabir’s overall mission is to focus on awareness in the coming months. He plans to release a slew of visuals, in order to continue developing his ever-growing following. He isn’t afraid to put in the hard work that is demanded from him, as he strives to stand out among others in the industry. Whether it’s going on tour with the Goth Boy Clique, or continuing to create his niche genre, Kabir is dedicated to focusing on perfecting his craft and staying in his own lane.

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