While the Cavaliers cleaned house, and the Lakers created cap space, the real winner yesterday was Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie’s departure was like a domino effect of disaster for Cleveland. If he was looking to prove a point and justify his worth by bouncing after an NBA Finals loss, he’s done the job. The Cavs haven’t been the same since Irving’s been gone.

As the Cavaliers have struggled to a 31-22 record this season, Kyrie has flourished in his time in Boston. He’s playing MVP-caliber ball, he’s part of a team that doesn’t have an obsession with one guy being the man every night and he’s making his decision to leave Cleveland to look like a stroke of genius.

The Cavaliers have been looking for a playmaker like Irving ever since he decided to leave. Now Cleveland will look to do a patchwork job heading towards the playoffs. Adding four new rotation players with only 27 games left in the season will be a challenge.

While Cleveland tries to figure things out, Boston will continue to stay in sync. If LeBron wants to get back to the NBA Finals, he will certainly have to go through a Boston team with no chemistry issues.