Up-start Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB released his new track, “Look Alive,” Friday (Feb. 9) which features Drake. But soon afterward, JB released the visuals for the track as well. The video shows Drake, JB, and others enjoying themselves while showing off their dance moves in an empty gym, a club, and the streets. From the overall sound of the track, it’s possible it could develop to be a hit.

Drake currently serves as hip hop’s most diverse act. So far, he has surprised the music world with a strong start to 2018. He currently has the No. 1 song in the country in “God’s Plan,” and his other record “Diplomatic Immunity” debuted at No. 7 last week as well. “Immunity,” “Plan,” and “Alive” all show the different ways the 6 God can illustrate as an artist. “Immunity” is directed toward the hip-hop crowd while “Plan,” was more toward the pop crowd, which could explain why the record is currently No. 1. His feature on “Look Alive” shows the edgier Drake, in which he can make a record that appeases the crowd that loves more of a trap sound.

To check out BlocBoy JB and Drake’s new track and video, check it out above.