Words by Darralyn Buford

Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was accused of shoving an Ohio woman in a hotel over the weekend.

Abigail Ottinger, a 19-year-old Kent State student, claims hanging out with group of Hunt’s friends on a party bus, she and a friend were kicked out of Hunt’s apartment in The Metropolitan at the 9, allegedly Hunt “shoved and pushed her” at around 3:45 a.m. Saturday. The police report says Ottinger suffered abrasions to her knee and hand and a scratch on her chest, according to cleveland.com.

Hunt’s friends told police the woman was lying, claiming she was the violent one who went off and called Kareem the N-word. Another woman who was part of Hunt’s group claims that Ottinger hit her in the face when she went out of the room to get Ottinger and her friend to leave after they were yelling, and they also found out how old they were.

One of Hunt’s former college teammates told police the accuser went “crazy” after being told to leave, and began calling him the racial slurs, she specifically stated “F*ck you n*gger. You ain’t sh*t!”

Charges have not been filed against Hunt yet, but there were two police reports of the incident—one listing Hunt as the suspect and the other listing Ottinger as the suspect.