Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu

There have been reports about 2 Chainz’ upcoming album, and now the rapper has confirmed the news by releasing the name of his new project. He didn’t do it in a traditional way, instead he revealed it by showing the title on the side of a blip that took off from San Bernardino, Calif., airport on Thursday.

The title of his new project is Rap or Go To the League. 2 Chainz explained the meaning in an Instagram post where he wrote that it is a play and representation of the facts of living in a black community without available resources. The same realities were touched on by the Notorious B.I.G. on his single “Juicy,” where he talked about how “either you selling crack rock, or you got a wicked jump shot.”

The Instagram video showcased 2 Chainz’ reaction to the blimp for the first time. “We were one of the few people who kind of started the wave back in the Atlanta scene as far as billboards for hip-hop period, as far as it being a marketing tool,” he says. “What other better marketing tool than a floating billboard.”

It also appears by the title that 2 Chainz will be showing a bit of a more serious side with this project. “With the height of racial tensions across America I felt I should do my part in explaining some of the brain washing formulas used in my community, this album not only touches on those who did succeed through entertainment but those who didn’t”