Hailing from the Epsom Downs neighborhood of Houston, Ruben Reyes aka Cassette Coast broke onto the scene as one half of Twin Beredaz with his then partner in crime Quota Key.

The duo gained the attention of South Park Mexican’s legendary Dope House Records in-print who released the Twin Beredaz self-titled debut album in 2002. The album was considered as a cult classic release with both Coast and Quota interlacing rhymes with effortless ease. Cassette Coast’s harmonious singing on hooks and both rappers’ complex lyricism and deep subject matter made them a force to be reckoned with.

Twin Beredaz’s sophomore release Coast & Quota was promoted yet never saw the light of day outside of a handful of tracks that were uploaded to MySpace, with listeners being forced to make do with the high caliber features they blessed South Park Mexican’s releases with. The hordes of fans the duo had amassed were disappointed when the pair announced that they were parting ways with only one official release under their belts. In the aftermath of Twin Beredaz, Coast teamed up with Eddie Deville, Lucky Luciano and Stunta to form New Age Wealth & Fame (NAWF) as well as releasing Thinking Out Loud hosted by DJ Vlad, Thoughts On The Wall and The Other Side of My Heart.

In 2018 Cassette Coast has returned with his latest offering Lively-Hood featuring the singles My World and The Upside Down inspired by Netflix’s critically acclaimed Stranger Things. This latest release from the Houstonian is a welcome gift for fans that were once spoilt for choice in the early to mid-2000’s when Texas’ Latino hip-hop scene was at its peak.