Don’t say that they’re doing this in the name of the children.

Little Giants Giant Shorties
, a downtown Brooklyn-based children’s clothing store specializing in Hip Hop influenced clothing, is receiving claims of racism after customers have claimed that they were overtly monitored for theft. Additionally, the customers allege that the business is using Hip Hop culture with several artists’ rhymes and quotes that Little Giants was never given permission to use.

Customers claimed that their debit cards have been overcharged, while some customers, all whom are Black, claim that they were charged double. The customers said that they felt especially offended to be treated in such a manner by a business that has lyrics and logos from the likes of Rakim, Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Outkast and other Hip Hop artists throughout their store.

“I’m sure that they didn’t get the rights from those artists to use their lyrics to overprice their cheap t-shirts,”

one customer says.

LGGS is in the newly renovated City Point Mall, located in the same place where Brooklyn’s legendary Albee Square Mall once stood.

No one at Little Giants could be reached to counter these claims.