Words by Danielle Perry

The success of Black Panther continues to dominate with grossing over $387 million in a four day opening weekend. As more countries gear up to release the premiere, this number can potentially change. With success, controversy always takes place.

A petition has been going around on Change.org urging the studio backing the Black Panther movie, Marvel Studios, to take 25% of the profits made and put towards the black community. According to the petition creator, Chaz Gormley, he questions what would the black community get out of seeing this monumental movie and how Marvel only cares about the almighty dollar.

“As a win, what exactly will the black community gain, aside from another symbolic victory?”, Gormley says in the description of the petition. “however, Marvel Studios hasn’t pulled out all the stops to get everyone else to come to the theatres–because they want the one thing the black community has to offer in abundance, black dollars”. The petition has already garnered 7,985 signatures below of its 10,000 goal and is soon to rise as more signatures contribute to the cause.

As the petition makes its rounds through social media and garners more attention, celebrities voice in support of the cause while others do not. Talking to a TMZ reporter in Los Angeles International Airport, actress Vivica A. Fox shows her support.

“Change.org wants 25% of the proceeds for Black Panther to go back into the community, I think that is an excellent idea”, Fox says.

Blue Comedian Gary Owen (who is white and married Black with Black kids) thinks otherwise.

“It is not the responsibility of the movie companies— I don’t know, just enjoy the movie. It’s not their job to give part of proceeds to different charities. I mean, when will it stop?”, Owen responds.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Chadwick Boseman mostly sided with Owen on the matter.

“Honestly, who cares? At the end of the day, filmmaking is a commercial art.– If you don’t make money when you make movies, then you can’t make movies. That’s what it is”, Boseman said.

At the end of the day, Black Panther is a monumental movie and it should be celebrated, not just because it’s the first Black superhero movie, but with an All-Black cast and gorgeous costumes combined. Marvel Studios has yet to comment on the petition.