Quavo’s impressive all-star celebrity game debut last week, may land him a 10 day contract with an NBA team. Okay, it’s a long shot, and he may not have the time for the demand it takes to play in the NBA, but Huncho’s got game.  He finished with 19 points and MVP honors.

According to former BET host, current Atlanta Hawks music director and radio personality, Big Tigger, he believes that Quavo can provide some offensive help for a struggling Hawks team.

“Quavo was out there balling like his life depended on it,” said Tigger. “I think we should give Quavo a 10 day. I don’t know if he can play any defense, bu the can get us a couple buckets.”

Quavo stands at about 5’9″ and is most likely less than 200 pounds. If he were to compare to any current NBA player, it would most likely be Lakers guard, Isaiah Thomas. Thomas is a prolific scorer, averaging 29 points per game for the Celtics last season, but is a liability on defense because of his small frame. Not to mention, he is also left handed, like the Migos front man. With guys like Thomas scoring the ball, there is hope for Quavo to play a game or too.

Of course Hucho didn’t go up against supreme NBA talent during the celebrity game, but the possibility is quite entertaining. Watch Quavo’s MVP highlights of the game below.