Words by Nick Slay

In a world fueled by social media, Donald Trump (the reigning King of Twitter) rarely misses a beat to condemn someone or boost his legacy via the platform. This usually end with a flurry of responses to tweets that come at the oddest times, such as late at night or during supposed security meetings. Either way it never fails to entertain or make national headlines. This time his latest tweet about his daughter Ivanka Trump as suburb choice to represent us in South Korea, made headlines and surely rubbed celebrities as well as “averages Joes” annoyed at his choice of words (and poor grammar).

Trump posts that their “cannot” be a better choice, when the more grammatically correct response should have been “couldn’t.” Suffice to say considering Ivanka’s lack of security clearance, or the fact she’s supposed to be running the Trump brand in order to avoid a conflict of interest, she’s going representing our interests in South Korea concerning matters of The State. Like a damaged mp3 that repeats the same thing over and over again, everyone had their 2 cents to add to this latest post touting his family’s greatness. However, Chelsea Handler’s reference to Dennis Rodman might be the best clap back ever, we’ll let you the reader decide.

And the most concerning and politically relevant tweet…

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. The president always finds a way to defy convention. This is a another incident where Trump continues to bewilder the world community with his antics.