Who knew LaVar Ball was right about Donald Trump not actually helping his son LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill with the shoplifting incident in China.

It is classic Trump who always takes credit for other people’s work. ESPN has the true story about what happened in China.

“The situation was already resolved by the time we heard about Trump’s involvement,” one team source said. “That’s not to take away from the fact that he got involved, but the players already had their passports back and their flights booked to go home Tuesday night when Gen. Kelly called the players.”

“The players were already checked into the hotel before the public discovered they were arrested,” a team source said. “They also were not under house arrest. It was our decision to keep them at the hotel until the situation was resolved. The charges were dropped, they weren’t reduced, and that happened two days before we heard from Gen. Kelly.”

It’s another case of Trump being Trump and always taking credit for not doing the work.

So it looks like LaVar Ball was right when he said that Trump didn’t really do anything to free his son, and that Trump was being an even bigger shithead than we thought he was when he tweeted, “I should have left them in jail!” in response.