With all of the Tupac Shakur case specials playing on television right now, isn’t it the perfect time to auction off an valuable item of his?

On Apr. 15, Heritage Auctions will put up a bidding match for a signed contract by Tupac and other members of Thug Life Big SykeMopreme ShakurMacadoshis and The Rated R that sealed the deal for a collaboration album with Interscope records for Thug Life: Volume 1. The 58 page contract was signed on July 24, 1994 and pretty much sums up the making of the album. The contract breaks down the recording, marketing and financial details of the album which went on to sell 500,000 copies and went gold. Thug Life: Volume 1 was the collective’s only studio album.

The bidding amount for the document is expected to start at $6,000 and will be open to the public for bidding.