A$AP Rocky debuted his first project Live. Love. ASAP in the fall of 2011 and it immediately made him a star. The rapper would go on to release two solo albums, while also further pushing his group,  A$AP Mob into the music landscape. In the process, Rocky has become a presence in the fashion world, too. But the success of his debut project has come at a cost for the producers who helped shape the mixtape. Earlier this year, producer E. Dan stated that Atlantic Records would label albums as mixtapes to save money. DJ Burn One, who was one of many producers who chimed in on the situation via Twitter, stated that Rocky’s label RCA tried a similar tactic when they released Live. Love. ASAP.

On Rocky’s mixtape, DJ Burn One would produce the standouts “Roll One Up” and the laid back “Houston Old Head.” But on Sunday, (March 4) Burn One stated in a series of tweets that he was told he would never get compensated for his work on the two songs.

DJ Burn One also made the correlation to how producers today are being treated like session musicians of the past. Session musicians were paid on a scale, instead of as songwriters on a record. This, of course, would withhold them from gaining royalties on the records they played on.

While Burn One produced music that A$AP Rocky fans will never forget, it’s unfortunate that he won’t reap the benefits of his contributions. Thankfully, Burn One tweeted out one key piece of advice for all aspiring producers.