Words by Nick Slay

Harlem’s own king of haberdashery, the maestro of bespoke, aka resident aficionado of style, Dapper Dan dressed Salma Hayek for this years Oscars and it drips black excellence.

For any designer, having a Hollywood A-Lister wear your frock on the red carpet is definitely considered to be a win. Dapper Dan is no exception. The Hip-Hop fashion icon is already having an epic 2017-18 with this epic partnership with the Gucci brand and so this red carpet shout out, just was icing on the cake.

Styling one of the most recognizable Latina stars, Salma Hayek is more than a big deal.

Dapper Dan’s hard work definitely proves the point that representation matters, so when Hayek wore this stunning pink number it’s kind of a big deal. It’s also to significant to note that this dress is a Gucci by Dapper Dan dress. In an open letter Dan addressed his fellow creatives of color of what this dress really means. It speaks to the ability that any young designer can also aspire to this moment, that this dream now too is accessible.

This piece not only served as a billboard for Dapper Dan, which it literally did, as his name is embroidered in jewels across the back; it also shows a star of Hayek’s caliber showing off to the world their pride in wearing a black designer. It’s a common occurrence for well known or successful designer to be tapped by a major brand to style collections or pieces for events or seasons, so seeing a resident of America’s most famous black neighborhood, speaks volumes of Dan’s ability to reach black consumers as well as influence consumers of other demographics as well.

Gucci posted this to their Twitter: