Words by Nick Slay

No one can dispute that Tiffany Haddish isn’t living her best life, so when she had the opportunity to meet one her Hollywood heroes she lept at the chance…literally!

While attending the 90th Oscar awards, Haddish spied from her little eye, Hollywood royalty in the form of Meryl Streep. The Girls Trip star (who was already dressed in royal attire herself) felt that there were no barriers could stop her from her intended rounds. So after an interview on the red carpet with ABC’s Michael Strahan, she traversed the red carpet to meet the star of The Paper.

Aside from comedy, Haddish may have a future career as a hurdler for the Olympic Track team. She quickly hopped over the velvet rope for her moment to stop Streep in her tracks. The two embraced in a quick hug, and then Streep went along her way.

One thing is for sure, Haddish isn’t wasting one second of her 15 minutes of fame to take total advantage of it.

Later she met up with SNL alum Maya Rudolph for a hilarious “ki ki” while presenting another award. The two commanded the entire audience attention as they fed off of each other’s superb comedic timing like true veterans of the game. She also reminded the world that true to her word that she would be getting most famous white Alexander McQueen dress. From Girl’s Trip to SNL to The Oscars…look served!