Fashion, for some, is a religion. They way you rock an outfit is as gratifying to some as catching the Holy Ghost. But fashion alone can’t inspire you to do better. Designer Aubrey Kellman believes that there is an intersection for both those who love to get their Jesus on and those who wanna look fresh to death. He sees a way where your outfit can actually preach a sermon.

And while clothes cannot speak, they still tell a powerful story about the character of the person who wears them. Not many clothing brands are presenting those stories the way his brand Kingdom Born does and on this Good Friday, take note of a brand that makes sure salvation isn’t boring or corny.

Whether you are wearing one of their hats, hoodies or jackets, each piece offers a subtle reminder of purpose. The goal of the brand is to embody how one should view life. With this in mind, Kellman believes people were not born to be ordinary. Instead, they were hand-crafted to be amazing.


However, the path to this state of being, is not easily traveled without faith. Kellman has faith. Tons of it. The young designer has used the obstacles of his life and his ministry to introduce faith is a defining principle of this lifestyle brand. He believes that faith, the evidence of divine presence without seeing, is necessary particularly as a millennial trying to navigate culture and community. Like most, his story of faith is birthed out of God doing the most, even as he does the least.

Kellman believes that all you have to do is prove that you are ready in the presence of God, God will open doors for you.

“Whether the faith is in a religion or faith in yourself, you must believe that you are going to achieve your kingdom. Your kingdom is your success, still you have to go get it. you have to believe that all your hard work, the sacrifices, The sleepless nights, the tears, the shut doors and all the praying will pay off.” say Aubrey Kellman

Kingdom Born’s mission statement is “Pray, Believe, and Build for a Better Lifestyle.” Whether you are a woman wearing the pink satin jacket/ grey hoodie combo, or a man wearing rocking the KB varsity jacket over the grey hoodie–step outside with faith.

Your kingdom awaits. Be inspired by the journey. The journey crafts you to be amazing. Be daring and diligent in your quest. Success won’t come easy, if it rains, use hood as your crown. Faith and consistent work are the keys to the kingdom.