Juice Crew’s Craig G, as heard as one of the legendary voices on Marley Marl’s 1988 classic single “The Symphony” (along with Masta Ace, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane) on Cold Chillin’ Records is coming back onto the stage of battle rap. Now 24 years after his infamous battle with Indiana’s MC Supernatural, the legendary Juice Crew member will make his return to battle rap against Florida legend Jonny Storm at No Coast Raps’ Road Trip 3 event on the last day of this month in Chicago, IL – the same day as SMACK Volume 2. Notably, this highly anticipated battle will be an off the top freestyle, not pre-written.

Craig G represents the next established emcee to return to battle rap after a successful recording career, joining the likes of Cassidy, Joe Budden, Canibus, Canada’s Madchild of Swollen Members and leads fans wondering both how will Craig G go – and who is next up to re-enter the battle rap ring. Supernatural? MC Juice?