Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu

50 Cent had big news to reveal as he announced the return of the hit TV show Power for Season 5, and it’s additional renewal for Season 6. 50 Cent gave further details via Instagram where he granted everyone a “Good Morning” and the exciting news. In January, Power’s end was widely reported as a result of TV provider Optimum wanting to cut costs by going through subsidiary networks like Starz and closing down a few lineups. The news of the end of Power resulted in so much outrage and petitioning which seemed to result in stopping the demise of Power.

The agreement between Optimum and Starz was paramount because if they did not reach an agreement then Power would have had to find a different network to continue to run. Season 5 will be premiering on July 1st this summer and Season 6 will be revealed with time. It is clear that 50-cent has much creativity and projects hidden up his sleeves.