Things could have gotten physical, but it’s good that it didn’t.

A video recently surfaced, showing rap stars Tory Lanez and Travis Scott having a heated discussion. Let’s rewind, shall we? Almost two years ago, the Toronto artist was accused of stealing Travis’ flow on “Litty,” a song Tory is featured on with Meek Mill.

The “Luv” artist responded at the time, tweeting, “can’t sound like somebody I wrote for.” There is a lot of of behind the scenes action that happens when artists are collaborating and recording. Sometime those who contribute to a song are not given proper acknowledgment. In this case, Tory could not tolerate being disrespected musically, whether he received the recognition or not.

Let’s fast forward as to why this incident resurfaced almost 2 years after. While promoting his new album Memories Don’t Die, Tory noted that he made contributions to Travis’ work in the past, while stopping by the Breakfast Club.

“Whether it was meant to happen or not, you still sung that hook and I wrote the hook,” stated the “Say it” rapper.

The song that he was referring to Hustle Gang‘s 2014 song “Brand New Choppa.”

In the video, Tory felt that Travis’ initial approach enticed him to respond aggressively. Take a look below.

The situation did not escalate to anything physical and the two artist have since patched up their differences. It looked to be a simple misunderstanding, that needed to resolved through conversation. On the Toronto emcee’s “Hate to Say” song, he agrees that him and Travis have squashed their differences and apologizes. It is amazing to see that the rappers were not influenced by any external sources. No one wins the family feuds. They may have to reevaluate their respective entourages to reveal who put that video on WorldStar. What seemed private, turned public, but it is pleasing to see the disagreement get worked out and not escalate.