DMX could reportedly receive 5 years in prison for tax evasion. Reported by TMZ, the U.S. District Attorney’s office wants the judge to “send a message” that “star power doesn’t entitle someone to a free pass.”

Prosecutors also claim that he has been “on a one-man crime spree for the past 30 years.” DMX was initially looking at 40 years in prison but he made a deal by pleading guilty to just one count of tax evasion when he was going to be charged with 14 counts of tax evasion.

DMX also has a history of substance abuse issues for years and has even went to rehab as part of his bail conditions but he was once again arrested after failing a drug test. DMX’ arrest also points to the fact that the system is not built to support people with drug abuse but to simply put them back in jail. DMX reportedly tested positive for opiates, cocaine and oxycodone and the judge deemed him a flight risk. DMX faces sentencing next week.