Music represents more than just a hobby when it comes to singer Amira. It was something that constantly surrounded her during her adolescent years, and has remained constant, as she grows older. Though now she can sing any song in front of any crowd with ease, it hasn’t always been this way. Before Amira became the vocal sensation that she is now, she learned to overcome her shyness. It wasn’t before long that she was singing and writing her own music in her own style.

After coming to the realization that each singer adopts their own vocal style, Amira began to do the same. She spent hours on end perfecting her signature sound, and continued to develop it over time. “It made me realize that not everyone wants you to a sing a specific song the way someone else sings it. That’s the beauty of music. You can put your spin on it. When it comes to music, you can sing it how you want to sing it,” said the singer. Once she realized this, she went full speed ahead in her singing career, and hasn’t slowed down since. It takes such a versatile, dedicated artist to realize something so important, therefore making Amira stand out among the rest.

One of Amira’s major accomplishments is her most recent single, “Mathematics”, and the visuals that accompany it. Though the music video is her first in her career, the whole process came so naturally to Amira. Her reaction to the video was much like that of the single- she instantly fell in love with the finished product. “After I let my nerves subside, and let my talent do the work, it turned out to be an amazing song. And, I got to use it as my first single,” said Amira. “When I first heard this song, I loved it. I wanted to sing it so bad. The song tells the story of a breakup, but it’s not just cut and dry. It walks you through the steps, and gives you a new way to look at it.” As the artist sings the song with such an incredible vocal range, she tells a story through an entirely different perspective. This single is the first of many hits to come from this talented singer.

Amira certainly doesn’t waste any time, as she is steadily working on her upcoming EP in the studio as of now. Fans will also be excited to learn that she will be releasing her second, attitude-centric single “Too Late” this summer! If its anything like “Mathematics”, it will be sure to be an instantaneous, melodic success. At the end of the day, Amira stands apart from any competition as she stays genuinely true to herself. She focuses totally on staying in her own lane, and doesn’t let anything distract her from accomplishing her goals in her musical career.