DMX‘s attorney played the rapper’s song “Slippin'” during his sentencing on Wednesday to help the musician express his struggles, but it was not enough to convince a judge to let the rapper off the hook. Instead, the judge ordered the rapper imprisoned for a year in a tax fraud case.

Dark Man X has been incarcerated since his bail was revoked in January. He sobbed during the proceeding as his lawyer Murray Richman recounted the rapper’s nightmarish childhood.

As for the criminal charges,

“I never went to the level of tax evasion where I’d sit down and plot … like a criminal in a comic book,” DMX said when given an opportunity to address the court.

In 2017, prosecutors said DMX raked in millions from his songs — including his 2003 hit “X Gon’ Give it to Ya” — and avoided paying taxes by setting up accounts in other’s names and paying personal expenses largely in cash.

Richman said he wanted his client free to support his 15 children and pay back nearly $2.3 million in taxes that are part of a restitution order. After serving a full year in prison, the rapper will be followed for three years subsequently to ensure he is being lawful.