Who needs to worry about rent when you’re pushing a Maybach.

TMZ reports that Tyga has been cruising around L.A. in his new Bugatti shortly after being sued for unpaid rent. The alarming part of the posted video is the rapper cruising the 101 Freeway in his Bugatti while texting and driving.


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The new rides may surprise some folks. After all, Simon Cowell’s ex-fiancée just sued Tyga for failing to pay rent on her $40,000/month Beverly Hills pad. Tyga reportedly put his 5-year-old son King Cairo on the lease. Thus, the lawsuit names the child as well. Now, she’s looking to get the rapper evicted and she wants to collect all of the unpaid rent from the last few months.

If you were wondering, Bugatti Veyrons are commonly sourced for approximately $2 million. That could pay for a lot of rent.